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Junior Coaching

Here at the Golf School we have a comprehensive coaching programme in place designed to deliver not only range and short game education, but the all invaluable on-course experience needed to allow a young player to get the most enjoyment out of their experience.

2020 Coaching Programme

Improve, Learn, Enjoy

Our 2020 Junior Coaching Programme has already begun, but sign-ups can still take place on a pro-rata basis. The course consists of weekly group coaching sessions and two on-course lessons.

Each group session will be tailored to the juniors' needs whilst engaging in different challenges and skills with other peers in the group.


We believe that there needs to be a certain amount of responsibility and ownership as a junior player matures. Each week, your child will have homework on what we did in our lesson which will not only help them improve, but also help with the important life skill of being responsible for their own practice. 

Our programme integrates all levels of players and provides an ideal welcome pathway into the Junior Section of the golf club.

To register your interest and for costs please click here

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